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Traveling in China can be physically hard and mentally frustrating, but the things you have the chance to see are well worth it. Put aside the occasional rudeness, the ugly and the fake, here we are with the colorful, the moving and the wonderful. In the following pages, images taken out of our own experiences, and a few hints for travelers.
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  • Colors of a provincial capital: Kunming.
  • Real and fake in the Old Town of Lijiang.
  • Bordering Tibet: Zhongdian.
  • Fairy landscapes in Yangshuo.
  • Colorful streets and terracotta warriors: Xi'an.
  • The young and the old: wonderful faces in Dali
    and Xizhou.
  • Climbing the Great Wall at Simatai.

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Sinophilia was born in 1998 as a meeting-point for China-lovers. In these years we have managed to build a database of essential information on the Chinese culture, adding here and there a few more specific essays on Chinese art, history, language and religions, and some useful tools.

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