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Chinese is a highly fascinating language and a very difficult one too. On this page you will find a basic writing tutorial and a few grammar lessons, but nowadays the Internet offers many opportunities to learn, practise and improve one's Chinese. Our big favorite to date is ChinesePod's learning program, be sure to check it out! Your click on ChinesePod links on this site will also help us with webhosting expenses.
Chinese writing: a tutorial

The following tutorial is meant to provide beginners all they need to write Chinese characters and find them in a dictionary, but can also amuse advanced students and the curious. Though this is not a language tutorial, learning the fundamental strokes and their correct order helps memorize characters and is an indispensable basis to learn written Chinese. Each lesson provides many examples of single characters and compounds (no Chinese wordprocessor needed to read these pages: all characters are images).

DOWNLOAD the whole tutorial to run it offline (530 Kb).

  1. Introduction: the characteristics of Chinese language and writing.
  2. A brief history of Chinese characters.
  3. Writing tutorial:
  4. How to use a Chinese-English dictionary: four methods.
  5. Index of characters contained in the tutorial.
Chinese grammar

1 How to use le
2 Result complement
3 Potential complement
4 Directional complement
5 Degree complement
6 Time complement

Note di grammatica in italiano

Armas de Mujer

An essay on three Asian women writers by Isabella S. C. Scanderbeg.

Idioms & sayings

Though any language has its own richness and cultural taste, Chinese is undoubtfully one of the richest. The study of Chinese at an intermediate to advanced level provides countinuos astonishment and delight, so many are the proverbs and idioms you encounter and so full of meaning they are.

1. Beetween Heaven and Earth:
Man's fate and ideals.
2. Knowledge above all:
The key to fame and fortune.

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