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Portraying Mao II
Here we are with a few pictures from "The Hebei illustrated magazine of workers, peasants and soldiers" (Hebei gongnongbing huakan), July 1971 and September 1977.
The July 1971 issue is a special edition in occasion of the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the Chinese Communist Party: it contains a brief illustrated history of the successes of the CCP (pic.2) and a cartoon-like story showing the benefits of the new communist thought: "Proceeding on the great path of the revolution of thought" (Zai sixiang geminghuade dadaoshang qianjin). Its main character is the leader of a commune, who in the night studies hard how to reach a non-classist society, and in daytime explaines to his comrades the party's campaigns and struggles to eliminate the "rotten eggs", i.e. the counter-revolutionaries (fan geming fenzi), from the commune.
The September 1977 issue contains nine pictures of a smiling Mao talking with soldiers (pic.4), peasants, factory workers and the like, while other pictures portray him in the company of others, such as Zhou Enlai (pic. 3) and Zhu De. The last section is dedicated to an illustrated history of a company commander who, during the civil war, unexpectedly meets Vice-President Zhou Enlai, and gets very useful teachings.

 President Mao going to Anyuan1. The front cover of the July 1971 issue; in the second page you can read the following: "Long long life to the great, glorious, righteous Chinese Communist Party! Long long life to its great leader President Mao!" (Weidade, guangrongde, zhengquede zhongguo gongchandang wansui! Weidade lingxiu mao zhuxi wansui! Wansui! Wanwansui!).
The above picture represents a fundamental moment in Mao's life: leaving his wife and child he heads to Anyuan to lead the big strike of the coal miners. This young Mao with long floating dress used to be seen everywhere, expecially on badges and expecially during the Cultural Revolution. A famous portrait painted during those turmoil years, President Mao going to Anyuan (Mao zhuxi qu Anyuan) painted by mr. Liu and other assistants, has been this year the center of a dispute between the artist wanting to sell it at auction, and the government claiming the painting as its legitimate property, it being hosted in the Beijing Museum for several years. At present, we still do not know how the whole matter will end.
 Absorbing fresh blood2. "Absorbing fresh blood" (xishou xinxian xueye).
Educating the masses trough the study of Marxism, Leninism and the thought of Mao Zedong .
July 1971 issue.
Zhou Enlai 3."The Vice-President Zhou asks detailed information about the soldiers of the fifth company, about its weapons and conditions, the company commander answering immediately. The Vice-President Zhou says smiling: "The fifth company obeys to instructions, you have fought very well and must preserve this victory."
September 1977 issue.

Mao and Zhou Enlai talking with soldiers
4."An Unforgettable lesson" (Nanwangde jiaohui). September 1977 issue.


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