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1977 Art Exhibition

Chinese Literature, issue No. 5-6, 1977, gives a detailed account of the first National Art Exhibition in Beijing. These images are samples of those paintings. "Pride of place was given in this exhibition to the splendid achievements of our great leader Chairman Mao, our esteemed and beloved Premier Chou [Zhou Enlai]... as well as to Chairman Hua's [Hua Guofeng] revolutionary record... Implementing Chairman Mao's policy of 'letting a hundred flowers blossom', the exhibits covered a wide range of subjects and styles."

Hua Guofeng Keep the men's welfare in mind, oil painting by Liu Ching.

"...a vivid depiction of Comrade Hua Kuo-feng... With snow on his shoes he has entered an earthquake shelter to stoke the stove and talk with some soldiers, conveying to them the concern of Chairman Mao and the Party Central Committee for the people in the stricken area."

The people's victory The people's victory, traditional Chinese painting by Wang Wei-pao.

"...a landscape with a stricking composition showing the rejoicing in a mountain town overlooking a river."

Technicians Training worker technicians, traditional Chinese painting by Chang Shao-cheng.
Mao and Hua Guofeng With you in charge, I'm at ease, oil painting by Peng Pin and Chin Shang-yi.

"...[this painting] records the historic occasion when Chairman Mao expressed his complete trust in Comrade Hua Kuo-feng."


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