Diana Lavarini
Chinese/English/Italian Translation

My native language is Italian and I majored in Mandarin Chinese at the University of Venice.

I have been studying English all my life and I started as a free-lance translator in 2001.

From the very beginning I have been specializing in medical and scientific translation.

I provide language services - translation, localization, editing, proofreading - from English or Chinese into Italian. In some cases I can also translate from Italian or Chinese into English.

Since 2001 I have translated several millions of words, mainly for leading pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers.

I am committed to accuracy, simplicity, and punctuality.

  1. Pharmaceutical companies, CRO’s, hospitals, clinics, trial centers, investigators, medical students, health care professionals, patients

  2. Museums, academic institutions, researchers

  3. Publishing houses

  4. Companies wanting to cut costs without jeopardizing corporate image and communication

  5. Anyone looking for beautifully written Italian

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